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Thank you Matt for the professional and effective treatment on my shoulder. After just 2 treatments my shoulder pain and mobility has improved and I can now sleep better and get on with doing the things i have struggled with for many months.


Linda Hazledine.


I have suffered from migraine for a long time and have found them to be very debilitating until I found my Chiropractor who discovered that the trouble was in my upper spine and neck.  After only two treatments I have had no more migraines and cannot praise Matthew enough for such huge relief.

D Maltby


I came to see Matt for severe whiplash.  I was in absolute agony and only slept for a few hours a day.  I was sceptical, but after just one treatment the pain was much more manageable.  After a few weeks I made really good progress.  I now see Matt when I feel I need to and he always manages to sort me out so the pains and niggles are ironed out!  Thank you Matt.


SG (Solicitor)


Matt has helped me so much.  I couldn't quite believe the difference I felt - even after the very first session.  After weeks of agony I have become human again!  And so quickly!



Matt has really helped loosen up my back and stop the nagging pain that I had for several years.  Regular sessions have helped enormously and help me to keep doing all the activities I want to.



Matthew - I would like to thank you for your excellent treatment to my shoulder which I damaged due to a bad fall, after which I found it difficult to work properly and in great pain.  

Due to your treatment I am able to work much better and find life much easier.  May I also thank you for your treatment for my father, (GB) whose life you have made much better.  An old man into a young man at the age of 93!



I had a back ache for a number of years when my daughter suggested chiropractic.  My Podiatrist thought that a McTimoney Chiropractor would be best for me.  I discovered Matthew and found his treatment most helpful.  At my first appointment he noted my symptoms and medical history.  Then he gave me my first treatment.  Some 24 hours later I felt a definite improvement.  Subsequently I had a few more sessions together with preventative advice.  I recommend him as the first port of call for relief of back pain, and joint and muscular pain.



I have visted chiropractors in the past - in particular for the complaint I have now.  After only 3 visits to Matt, the pain has subsided by a greater extent than when I had previously finished my course of treatment with other chiropractors.

The treatment given by Matt has continuity and is very thorough.  I am in no doubt that by the time this course of treatment is complete, I will be free from pain for the first time in many years!

C Bradshaw


I have suffered with migraines and tension headaches for as long as I can remember, and after a recommendation from a friend to visit Matt, I am now doing so much better.  Matt was very thorough and understanding about my pain and offered me lots of useful advice alongside my treatment.  The treatment is working very well and I now go on a 2 monthly basis.  My headaches are so much better now and the regularity of them has dropped dramatically!  Matt-I am so grateful!

S Langley (Teacher)


I have found the experience enlightening.  I know more about my muscles,  bones and posture.  When I came I was in a lot of pain and had been for almost a year.  After 5 sessions with Matt I feel a completely different person.  I can move more freely and walk without pain.  Coming here was the best thing I could have done.  I was living on painkillers and now I take a couple of paracetamol if needed.  Thanks Matt!

S Slater

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